Cocktail Of The Week: Bellini


10ml simple syrup (1 part white caster sugar, 1 part water)
10ml peach puree (can add 10ml peach liqueur if you want a sweeter version)


Add ingredients to a tin then add Prosecco to blend the syrups. Pour in a chilled flute then add Prosecco to level.


Cocktails don’t come much more classic than the Bellini. The original recipe dates back to the 1930s, when Giuseppe Cipriani - a man obsessed with peaches and the owner of the famous Harry’s Bar off the Grand Canal of Venice - invented it. The drink took pride of place when the Cipriani family opened up Harry Cipriani restaurant in New York in 1985, and America – and the rest of the world's - long love affair with the Bellini properly started from here.