Cocktail Of The Week: Garibaldi Fizz

In the first of our Cocktail Of The Week series, we share the recipe for the perfect Garibaldi Fizz: a Prosecco infused twist of a classic aperitivo. You can thank us later.


10ml Grand Marnier
40ml Campari
40ml Orange juice (can add 10ml simple syrup for a sweeter version)


Add all ingredients to a highball. Add ice. Stir ice and add Prosecco to level. Garnish with an orange slice.


The Garibaldi Fizz is derived from the Garibaldi (Campari, orange juice). We’ve called it a Fizz because we add Prosecco. We also added Grand Marnier which is an orange liquor owned by Campari. The drink is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian politico and one of the central figures in the Italian resurgence which led to the unification of the country in 1871. The drink combines Campari from the north, and oranges which typically were grown in Sicily; hence it’s named after the person responsible for bringing together the north and south of Italy.