Sweet Like Prosecco

There’s never not a good time to drink Prosecco, but you can also have your fizz and eat it. As the sparkling Italian white has a slightly sweet flavour profile, it's perfect for creating some show-stopping desserts or sweet treats for a fancy occasion. Serve these up at a dinner party, birthday, evening soiree – or just because you fancy spoiling yourself on a Wednesday afternoon – and crack open another bottle of Prosecco to pair with them. Yes, this is truly how to live your best life…

We don't think you're ready for this jelly

How pretty do these look? This recipe for adults-only pomegranate Prosecco jelly might use almost a whole bottle of the good stuff, but is a perfect light and fragrant finish to a heavy meal. Not a fan of pomegranate? Switch it up and use redcurrants, blueberries or raspberries instead.

credit: www.supergoldenbakes.com

Every day I'm trufflin'

White chocolate is the perfect companion to Prosecco, which is what makes these raspberry, chocolate and Prosecco truffles so moreish. Make a plate of them and see how long they last. Spoiler: most probably just seconds...

credit: hungryhinny.com

Have your cupcake and eat it

The surprise in these strawberry and Prosecco cupcakes is not only the fizz in the buttercream icing or the strawberry hidden the middle, but the popping candy sprinkled on top. A totally sparkling treat - watch as unsuspecting guests tuck in.

credit: www.iheartkatiecakes.co.uk

Tart with a heart

It's our favourite tipple at the centre of this peach and Prosecco tart – alongside some perfectly ripe fruit. This pastry delight celebrates the two tastes of summer and is spot on for picnics and al fresco evening meals in the garden.

credit: familystylefood.com

Peachy keen

Like your fruit with a side of wine? Don't we all. These sweet peach and Prosecco meringues are finished with a drizzle of golden Prosecco caramel sauce and yes, that is exactly as delicious as you'd imagine. Just add party poppers for a full-on celebration experience.

credit: www.iwasntexpectingthat.co.uk

Raspberry melee

Flavoured marshmallows are very on trend at the moment, and these raspberry and Prosecco ones are sure to dazzle as a special gift for someone. Or keep them for yourself. No judgements here.

credit: www.serendipitybakes.co.uk

A shot of the good stuff

Use your shot glasses for something completely different with these individual lemon, Prosecco and raspberry trifles which are straight-up mouthfuls of joy. A base of Madeira cake, topped with a scoop of cream-cheese-lemon-curd-Prosecco mixture and topped with a lil' berry. Our only gripe is you'll need three or four to get your full fix of the sweet nirvana.

credit: www.thecrazykitchen.co.uk